The Community Connect Real-Time Intelligent Platform leverages core IBM technologies to provide an exceptional social experience for a community, its citizens or members, and city or organizational leadership.

Element Blue has created a robust enterprise-class solution that will allow for the delivery of an engaging web experience with real-time information to residents, developers, and retail & commercial operators within the community and beyond.

The platform is a full-featured enterprise system that provides immediate initial value; while allowing for long term growth, providing a base from which to expand and develop additional capability, and allowing you to meet future user and community needs.

The platform is designed to allow City or Community leaders, Campuses, Developers, REIT’s, Commercial Industries, and Resorts to leverage information; across multiple agencies, departments, or system domains. This provides the tools needed by stakeholders to make smarter decisions, anticipate problems, and minimize the impact of disruptions to available services and operations. Community Connect will effectively allow for the coordination of cross-agency resources to respond to issues rapidly and effectively.

Community Connect helps city leaders and the community:


  • Monitors agency, department, and community wide operations
  • Involves citizens and businesses in incident reporting and resolution
  • Gathers and analyze citizen feedback using social media
  • Manages a broad range of government and commercial operations
  • Provides a powerful mechanism for delivering the right content and functionality to the right people.
  • Provides tools to maximize the richness of experience and depth of the engagement for all stakeholders.
  • The multi-channel capability allows you to deliver consistent messaging, content, and functionality across all channels.
  • Mobile device integration deepens the previously passive web experience into an integrated, geo-aware, and interactive experience.

Community Connect provides capabilities that support workflow, content management, social interactions, mobile and web delivery, simplified usability and administration, open standards, security, and scalability. These capabilities provide the basis for an exceptional user experience that will maximize engagement within the community.

The Community Connect Intelligent Platform is based on the Element Blue Community Connect framework, a solution built on IBM Intelligent Operations for Smarter Cities, IBM WebSphere Portal, Web Content Management, and IBM Connect software. All the capabilities, when combined, provide a truly intelligent and collaborative platform.

We look forward to leveraging the capabilities of this holistic architecture in the form of new services for the communities and citizens.