Dealer Management System (DMS) is an integrated software package, which takes care of every aspect of business process for a dealership.

What is the need for a DMS? 

  • Easy accessibility of data & reports
  • Control Transaction Business Process
  • Better sales forecasting
  • Better business analysis
  • Better enquiry management
  • Vehicle & Parts ordering via E – Mail
  • Better analysis of dealership profitability
  • Thorough retail, sales, service & parts analysis
  • Targeted promotions

Benefits of Element Blue DMS:


  • Simplifies suggested weekly ordering system
  • Displays proper Enquiry Follow up & Enquiry management
  • Offers booking , payment receipt & invoicing at one click
  • Shows vehicle population density in a particular area
  • Offers Sales Personnel Performance assessment
  • Has provision for sales through Retail Sale & Institutional Sales
  • Helps in inventory control
  • Makes ordering easy
  • Provides quick invoicing
  • Maintains a Proper record of spare stock at dealer
  • Helps with the knowledge of trends analysis of spare part movement
  • Maintains Service Vehicle History
  • Maintains Customer suggestion
  • Provides easy service reminder
  • Prompts Job card and invoice
  • Helps provide knowledge about workshop profit & its trends
  • Provides easy reporting


  • Provides user-friendly interactive system
  • Makes reporting simplified, as the user can view the reports In single click
  • Has the utility to export data in multiple formats like MS Excel , MS Word , Text Files etc
  • Is highly secure and comprehensive security system
  • Provides graphical representation of reports facilities analysis , planning & implementation of business activities
  • Has access from multiple devices – access anywhere
  • Has low boarding costs


  • DMS is “CEO Friendly“ as it increases control for increasing business efficiency
  • DMS increases revenue through increased numbers of converted enquiries and customer retention
  • Reduces communication costs, as all communication is carried out via email
  • Provides MIS Reports for Top Level management helps in taking Policy decision
  • Lowers total cost of ownership – compatibility with medium end hardware and save additional investment on hardware
  • Single solution for CRM, Sales Management, Service Management, Spare Management and Payroll Management.
  • Controls business process as the process is defined

Why Element Blue DMS?

  • Built on top of World’s Leading Enterprise portal: IBM WebSphere portal
  • Scalable solution
  • Multiple device compatible web based solution along with Hybrid mobile application for offline mode
  • Integration with SAP
  • Can be extended and used as intranet portal/ public portal