Organizations of every size, in every industry have operational data that is hidden, locked away, or just plain ignored. Many organizations also need to manage different systems for different parts of their operations. These systems are often inflexible or closed, existing in their own silos and making data sharing and analysis between them virtually impossible.

Flexible visualization can help you find the most relevant information and patterns to unlock the secrets hidden within your data. SensorInsight bridges the gap between silos to harness and visualize all of your instrumented systems and applications, providing a comprehensive view across your entire operations.

Specifically designed for industry applications and domains such as Water, Transportation, Energy, and Manufacturing; SensorInsight provides a homogenous layer above your operational systems, allowing you to react and discover new insights. With SensorInsight we make it easy to get the complete picture, fast.

Big Data Problems

Instrumented data within most organizations is being collected at an alarming rate. While most of this information can be viewed and processed by analytic systems, many times these systems represent only a part of the bigger picture. Too much data, miss-matched formats, and different kinds of data can lead to a “big data” breakdown. Finding the right data solution is essential for useful insight and analytics.

Easy and Comprehensive Analytics

Even within systems, that tend to play nicely in your industry, there is a comprehension problem. For many of us, reporting and ad-hoc analysis is strictly the domain of the tech-savvy people. Simple comprehensible graphs or dashboards are the first step in determining where problems may occur and where to efforts need to be focused.

With Element Blue’s SensorInsight, managers and subject matter experts can easily combine data from ALL available sources to easily create comprehensive analytics.

Big data problem solved!

SensorInsight and IBM Intelligent Operations

IBM Intelligent Operations and Intelligent Operations for Water help provide a holistic view of ongoing operations within your organization or domain. Combining SensorInsight with these IBM solutions, gives you advanced analytic capability allowing you to easier visualize system operations.

Some benefits include the following:

  • Leverages IBM’s Semantic Model to allow you to combine current historical data across all of your integrated systems.
  • Easy to use graph designer allows non-technical and domain experts (SMEs) the ability to design ad-hoc queries.
  • Create pre-defined reports for quick review of common issues.
  • Element Blue and IBM products work together to help provide complete access to your instrumented environment.

NOTE: IBM Intelligent Operations and SensorInsight for Smarter Operations can be implemented as a short-term Proof of Concept (POC), a 30/60/90 day trial (Pilot), or as an ongoing Software as a Service (Saas).