Analytics often involves studying past data to project potential trends or to predict the effects of a particular decision or event on the business. The basic goal of our solution is to help our customers gain business insights, which can help them pivot in their strategy, with favorable results.

Firms may commonly apply analytics to business data, to describe, predict, and improve business performance. Specifically, arenas within analytics include predictive analytics, enterprise decision management, retail analytics, store assortment and stock-keeping unit optimization, marketing optimization and marketing mix modelling, web analytics, sales force sizing and optimization, price and promotion modelling, predictive science, credit risk analysis, and fraud analytics.

Element Blue Offerings

Organizations today face a number of challenges, such as performance inefficiency, data overload, regulatory compliance and operational risk. It can be daunting, but the answers may be closer than you think. With advanced analytics, you can unlock the real value of your data, discovering hidden insights and innovative solutions to these critical challenges. From pinpointing inefficiencies and enhancing predictive capabilities, to improving decision-making, our team can help maximize your growing stores of information.

Our Advanced analytics services include

Advisory analytics

  • Analytics strategy
  • Customer analytics
  • Performance management strategy
  • Pricing and profitability 

Transformational analytics

  • Finance analytics
  • Product lifecycle analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Workforce analytics 

Managed analytics

  • Recurring underwriting and claims modelling
  • Safety analytics 

Subscription analytics

  • Benchmarking
  • Incentive compensation
  • Fraud analytics

Technology & Solutions

  • IBM® SPSS Statistics
  • IBM® Netezza
  • IBM® Cognos