The average B2B integration solution is expensive, complicated and often requires a team of highly-paid consultants. However, we provide a high performance file transfer and integration solutions at affordable prices. Our solutions are easy to maintain and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.

We can assist with everything from software procurement, to implementation and management services, to upgrades and ongoing support for the IBM Sterling B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions. We help our clients create exceptional business value and ROI, improve internal and external processes, and reduce overall costs. We do this through a combination of deep business and technical expertise, knowledge of best practices, and unique offerings, tools, frameworks, and assets. Regardless of where the client is in your B2B integration or MFT journey, we can assist with a full range of services and solutions, tailored to meet customer needs and budget.

Element Blue B2B Solutions offers a wide range of features and benefits, including:

  • High-performance
  • Visibility and control
  • Seamless Integration
  • Easy to deploy, integrate and upgrade

Our Solutions address five crucial issues in order to make a smooth move to MFT:

  • Security – User information is encrypted and multi-factor authentication ensures secure access. Demilitarised zone (DMZ) security, data encryption during file transfer and logs of security issues enable you to pass security audits and keep your promise to your customers.
  • Cost – IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer solutions consolidate servers to preserve valuable capital and time.
  • Reliability – In the event of a system disruption or failure, most IBM MFT solutions will automatically initiate a file transfer restart from the point of disruption.
  • Visibility – There is central monitoring or visibility into file transfer activity – integrated monitoring of all file transfer activity to SLA reporting to real-time alerts regarding file transfer events
  • Management – Manage your file transfer activities with established queues, scheduling and session classes.

Technology & Solutions

B2B Integration

  • IBM® Sterling Gentran
  • IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator
  • IBM® WebSphere Transformation Extender
  • B2B Managed Services 

Managed File Transfer

  • IBM® Sterling Connect: Direct
  • IBM® Sterling File Gateway
  • IBM® Sterling Control Center
  • IBM® Sterling Secure Proxy
  • IBM® Aspera