Move on from the conventional paper processes and transform your way of business, using our new e-Office Framework! Our easily integrable solution helps organize, manage and track all your key business processes in a secure and structured manner, thus allowing smooth business sustenance and continuity at all times.

e-Office Framework is a unique solution which creates a long term foundation of having an integrated platform for performing key business functions. This solution helps automate day to day office activities and processes on a digital platform, thus eliminating the movement of papers & files in physical form. Additionally, our solution aims to provide a single platform for configuring dynamic, interactive and real-time processes and also functions as a unified platform for all the users to transact with both core business processes and IT systems.

Our solution has the following features:
● Assists in managing the movement of files within an organization
● Creates soft copies of every document within the organization
● Converts standard approvals to e-approvals
● Provides elaborate tracking system for each process
● Establishes a centralized document repository & routes electronically
● Provides unique features like intelligent reporting, planning and decision making
● Generates a comprehensive audit log and graphical productivity reports
● Supports single sign -on, web scanning and barcode detection
● Provides advanced search capabilities throughout the system.
● Our solution supports the configuration of dynamic, interactive and real-time processes.
● We also provide in-built escalation matrices in this solution, to ensure transparency and accountability within the organization.

Our solution leverages trusted IBM technologies to create a wholesome e-solution for optimizing and automating business processes.IBM BPM forms our base for document transfer. IBM Filenet is used as a repository to store documents. Additionally, our solution is integrated with AD – Active Directory, ECM Repository, ERP System and