Why stick to the old-fashioned ways of business communication when you can upgrade to the new "hassle-free" e-Correspondence ?

e-Correspondence is an integrated information management system for organizing and tracking large amounts of correspondence generated within an organization. It brings both the incoming and outgoing correspondence management processes into a single cohesive system with all the outgoing correspondence generated and sent from within the system, using customized templates to meet individual client employee needs. All the incoming correspondence can be registered, scanned and/or imported from the client’s email system.

Our solution has the following features:
● Provides each user in the system with an individual inbox and dashboard
● Provides document tracking and transparency
● Saves all organization documents in a central repository
● Secures document management; no one can access the document without
proper authorization.
● Generates a comprehensive audit log and graphical productivity reports
● Supports single sign -on, web scanning and barcode detection
● Provides customized templates, complete with reminders and cover sheets
● Sends routing of incoming or outgoing correspondence to defined users.
● Provides advanced search capabilities throughout the system.
● Links correspondence with other related correspondences.

This solution is built on trusted IBM technologies and works to ensure that the process of internal and external correspondence is secure, simple and efficient. Our solution ensures instant communication and eliminates the need for physical commodities like paper etc. This brings down operational costs for our clients and improves overall productivity levels.