One of the major challenges for modern-day organizations is the integration of ERPs and CRMs with Invoice Processing Solutions. We provide solutions that tackle this challenge, while enabling the customer to manage their information.

Enterprise content management deals with various forms of information and content with a wide range of best practices, methods and standards.

Accessibility to the needy information at the right time to the right people and archiving the irrelevant information after specific time intervals on meeting the legal compliances plays a vital role in smooth, transparent transactions and uninterrupted business processes.

Element Blue offerings

Element Blue drives efficiency, quality and consistent delivery across the information value chain, right from content capture, all the way to archival, integration, migration, Content Management, reporting and Analytics. Our information Management team is well-equipped with experience and technology partnerships to give the best of out of your information that owe from it.

Through ECM practice, Element Blue creates enterprise grade web content management solutions and deploys them as large scale platforms for a wide range of industries. Enterprises need dynamic features that allow for content authoring, editing and approval workflows. With the content management solutions we deploy, we ensure that businesses can deliver the content that is due for legal and other compliances formally. Adding to the collaboration of content, our solutions also integrate version control that keeps a track of various versions of documents available for audits. Our Service Offerings in this space are

  • Seamless integration with ERPs and CRMs
  • Document & File Management
  • Document Imaging and Capture
  • Advanced Case Management

Technology & Solutions

  • IBM® Datacap
  • IBM® Case Manager
  • IBM® Content Navigator
  • IBM® FileNet Content Manager