We recommend the ERP Automation Framework solution to solve concerns that need a simple and secure invoice processing system.

This framework is a simple and secure automation system which includes a simple and secure invoice processing system. Our solution substantially brings down operational costs for clients, as we automate processes in a manner that everything which was typically on paper transforms into e-documents stored in a centralized virtual repository. Our solution provides a direct integration between the client’s pre-existing SAP architecture, as well. We provide complete process automation to their invoice processing, wherein we use IBM Datacap to automatically read all the invoices and keep records of the same. Our solution also addresses the process transparency concern of clients, as our solution provides transparency at both a granular as well as a
top-tier level.

Our solution has the following features:
● Automates the invoice processing from the invoice receiving to payment stage
● OCR of invoice
● Pushes the invoice towards the workflow process; including approvals at different stages
● Holds the data of all the invoices in a single repository, integrated with ERP Key benefits of this solution:
● Turnaround time for each invoice processing is reduced
● Possibility of errors is addressed and eliminated considerably
● Transparency within the process is increased, thus improving business process management
● Required set of approvals are guaranteed with each invoice, as the system collects these automatically
● Automates the process, reducing the manpower required to maintain the system
● Brings down the cost for invoice handling; thus bringing down operational costs
● Better business/financial process management
● Stronger business continuity