Information collection and distribution technology has been radically transformed due to the rising influence of mobile communication, in today’s world. Mobile has become an essential component of real-time enterprise strategy. This has stimulated a greater need for mobile applications. Our team has strong skill-set in creating these innovative applications.

Connecting these applications to back-end systems or other IT resources helps to maximize their total advantage. Development and connectivity software for mobile facilitates development of Html5, hybrid and native applications, in addition to connecting them with other systems and cloud-based services.

Element Blue Offerings

Element Blue has a competent team with expertise in executing projects for development of Mobile applications. Element Blue leverages expertise in the e-business space to provide robust, scalable, secure solutions to our customers. We assist the organizations to extend their existing applications to the wireless environment. Element Blue excels in providing secure and scalable communications platform for mobile applications technologies for diverse platforms including Windows, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Our solutions are

  • Use standards-based technologies and tools, and third-party libraries and frameworks
  • Connect business information from cloud and on-premise applications
  • Provide scalable Web API management
  • Use a centralized portal for incorporating services into new applications
  • Support devices running Apple iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms

Technology & Solutions

  • IBM® WorkLight