Surakshaayanam is aimed at effective event and risk management of resources in case of disasters and emergencies. This solution aims at effective management of multiple Emergency incidents and events and help officials take informed decisions.

In case of any emergency an event will be generated on IBM IOC. Once the event has been generated the operators will receive alerts and notifications on a common dashboard. Alerts will also be sent to higher officials, management and stakeholders. Notification will be in form of email or SMS alert. Once an event is reported on IOC the operator will then coordinate with multiple departments to perform the related Standard Operating Procedures. Operators can filter down the nearby resources like ambulance, fire brigade, hospitals, schools etc. to quickly locate the nearby resource and take the necessary actions. SOP’s can be triggered manually or automatically. The alerts which are reported at the call-centre by calls can be triggered manually and operators will then follow the SOP’s to effectively manage the emergency situation.

Key ​ ​benefits ​ ​of ​ ​our ​ ​solution:
● Automation of the standard operating procedures
● Single point system to manage various disaster models
● Cost-effective solution to mitigate disaster effects
● Predictive analysis
● Climate Change Prediction model
● Provides tracking for various air-borne disasters, so as to minimize the impact on
● Effective management to reduce damages to life and livestock
● Risk Assessment & Reduction
● Cost Reduction, as opposed to traditional measures
● 8 Comprehensive prediction models